Our Story...

Aloha! We are Agustin, Mea and Naia, a small family of three who have been living on the island of Kauai for the last ten years.

Mea founded and organizes the Spirit Weavers Gathering, an annual women's gathering in it's 7th year. The Gathering spent it's first 4 years in California, but had been dreaming of finding a permanent home. After five years of searching for the perfect land, we found Cedar Bloom through a dear friend who had lived on a community directly next door.

In the Spring of 2017, The Spirit Weavers Gathering bought Cedar Bloom from a family who had owed the land for the last 60 years.  Cedar Bloom was everything we had been searching for.


Mea was born and raised in Southern California on a family farm.  Her family spent most of their time outdoors and camping year round was a common occurance.

Agustin spent his youth in Kansas but lived in Southern Mexico and South America throughout his twenties.  Agustin has been playing music since his teenage years.  You can find him through his newest project @kunzitemusic.  

Naia our eight year old daughter is home schooled through a program on Kauai and loves to sing, surf, dance and play in the ocean!  We are excited to be snow birds spending the Winter on Kauai, and the Summers at Cedar Bloom. We look forward to receiving you on the land and sharing the beauty of Southern Oregon with you.